Tuesday, 24 June 2014

I'm Spinning Around!

It is no secret that I am in love with Louise's Etsy shop SpinCityUK, I just love her work.  Do you remember me posting that I bought a Luxury Drop Spindle Kit from Louise's shop SpinCityUK on Etsy, well I could not keep away from her shop and I couldn't resist the beautiful drop spindles and just had to order one of Louise's beautiful drop spindles.....
 There are so many beautiful drop spindles in her shop to choose from.....

Drop spindle made from Resin with tiny florets of Queen Anne's Lace, Verbena and Sea Lavender. 
Handmade Resin Drop Spindle
This is one of my first pretty drop spindle

I asked Louise if she would make me up a custom box and choose the colours and fibres for me as I would find it too difficult to choose what colour and fibres I would like in my custom box and also I just LOVE surprises!.....
And this is what I got......

Custom Made Luxury Drop Spindle Kit

Fibre heaven!.....

Custom Hand Blended Luxury Batt

Custom Hand Blended Luxury Batt

Louise told me that the custom blended Luxury batt is a one off made just for me.....  I am looking forward to spinning this batt and the rovings, the colours are so me.....

Custom Luxury Kit contains:


* 1 gorgeous resin drop spindle with pressed flowers
* 100g custom blended luxury batt with extra sparkle, soya silk and other gorgeousness to match! 
* 50g of mixed colourful roving 
* cardboard presentation box

Colourful roving and Firestar

The Colours are beautiful......

Close up of the Firestar

 I am really looking forward to spinning firestar.....  I just know that I am going to love it......

 I also order another Luxury Drop Spindle Kit in green.

Luxury Drop Spindle Kit in Green

The Luxury Kit contains:


* 50g (1.8 oz) Luxury Hand Carded Batts - made from Alpaca, Merino, Hand dyed locks, Norfolk Horn and more!
* 25g (1 oz) White Merino plaited roving - Super soft and a joy to spin!
* 25g (1oz) Dark Black/Brown Finsheep plaited roving
* 25g (1oz) Hand Dyed/ Hand Blended roving - Beautiful variegated fibre that changes colour as you spin!
* 25g (1oz) Solid Colour Merino Roving

* Natural coloured presentation box 

Fibre and spindle out of the box

Luxury Hand Carded Batt in Green

Hand Carded Luxury Batt

The colours are beautiful

Dark Brown/Black Finsheep Roving
White Merino Roving
I love spinning merino.....

Hand Dyed/ Hand Blended Roving - Beautiful variegated fibre that changes colour as you spin

Solid Colour Roving in Green

The colours are all beautiful.....

Louise also sent me a little surprise.....

Surprise Package!

Pearly Pink Batt

Colours are beautiful and it is so soft and yummy

I am going to love spinning this......

Last picture.....

My drop spindle collection.....

My Drop Spindle Collection

 I am so pleased with my order and I am looking forward to spinning all this fibre into yarn!

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