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Book Review McCall's Essential Guide to Sewing

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Whether you're a total novice or practically a pro, this indispensable guide from McCall's is packed with instructions, tips and fascinating facts that every sewer needs. From mastering the most basic techniques to the ins and outs of using a sewing machine, from mending tears to altering, embellishing and finishing, this beautifully presented and richly illustrated book has the low-down. You'll also get advice on marketing designs online, learn the answers to 100 frequently asked questions and get a comprehensive glossary.

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Sixth&Spring (7 Jun 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1936096722
ISBN-13: 978-1936096725

About the Author
Brigitte Binder, Jutta Kühnle, and Karin Roser are independent fashion and home décor designers who create sewing projects for a wide variety of prominent manufacturers and publishers in the fabric and sewing industries. They live in Germany.
About McCall's:
The McCall Pattern Company designs, manufactures, and sells sewing patterns worldwide under the premier sewing brands of Butterick, Kwik Sew, McCall's, and Vogue Patterns, and publishes the consumer magazineVogue Patterns.


Sewing Machines
Sew Many Possibilities
Function of the Sewing Machine
Professional Finishing
Sewing Machine Accessories

Sewing Equipment
Essential Equipment
Types of Needles
Machine Needles
Types of Thread
Embroidery and Novelty Threads
Helpful Extras
Essential Notions
Helpful Stabilizers
Recommended Ironing Equipment
Pretty and Practical

Sewing Techniques
Sewing by Hand
Preparations for Handsewing
Assorted Hand Stitches
Essential Machine Stitches
Fundamental Machine Seams
Sewing with Speciality Fabrics
Finishing Seams
Hand Sewn Hems

Glued Hems
Machine Sewn Hems
Specialized Sewing Techniques
Decorative Sewing Techniques

Textiles 101
Textile Manufacturing Process
Fabric Treatments and Finishes
Fibres and Their Properties
Fibre Quality Marks
Fabrics and Fabric Selection
Fabric Care

All About Patterns
Body Measurements and Figure Types
What is a Pattern?
The Paper Pattern
Pattern Alterations
Styling Alterations

Preparing to Sew
Before Cutting
Pattern Preparation
Cutting Various Fabrics
Cutting Interfacing's and Linings
Getting Connected
Recovering from Errors

Creating a Garment
Shaping with Darts
Specialized Stitching Lines
Neckline Treatments
Faced Yokes
Sleeve Closures
Comfortable Waistbands
Sewing in Linings
Practical Pockets

Techniques for Home Décor
Hand Sewn Trims and Tapes
Pillow Talk
Curtains and Drapes
Making a Mitered Corners

Patches and Repairs
Mending with a Sewing Machine

Useful Knowledge
Marketing Your Handicrafts
FAQ's - 100 Common Questions
From A-Z


McCall's Essential Guide to Sewing is for both beginners and the more experienced sewers.  This is a great reference book.  It is jam packed with information from sewing machines, sewing equipment, sewing techniques, textiles, patterns, preparing to sew, creating a garment, techniques for home décor, patches and repairs and useful knowledge.  This book has a wealth of knowledge at your finger tips!

The book is well written with detailed instructions and information on every singles sewing topic you can think of.
This is the perfect go to reference book and will prove to be helpful partner in your sewing adventures!

McCall's Essential Guide to Sewing is available from Amazon

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