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Book Review Take The Fear Out of Cables

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To a knitter with basic skills, the idea of making cables can be daunting. To allay their fears, they need an experienced knitter to demystify those beautiful curves and twists. Jill Wright is delighted to help. Her new book of easy-to-intermediate cabled patterns is specially designed to ease the reader into fashioning cables without qualms. The 10 projects start off with the basics and advance a little with each progressive design. Along the way, the reader gets the fun of knitting a belt, scarf, clutch, gaiter, mitts, baby blanket, cushion, vest, shrug and sweater - all with lovely cables and all without fear!

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Leisure Arts (7 April 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1609004132
ISBN-13: 978-1609004132

About the Author
A firm believer in challenging oneself and trying to overcome ones fears, Jill Wright created the designs in Take the Fear Out of Cables with the goal of helping knitters realise that cable patterns are not as difficult as they might look. 'My Mother taught me to knit at age 6, and I have always loved cables, the more complex the better'. Jill says, 'I love to make all things from scarves to socks, bags to sweaters, hats to shawls. As long as I'm knitting something, I'm happy'. Her designs have been published in numerous magazines and books. For more about Jill, look for her as Woolcrafter on Ravelry or visit her website,

Meet the Designer

Let's Get Started
Simple Cable
Reading a Chart
Cable Needles
Another Way to Work a Cable
Felted Clutch
Fingerless Gloves
Car Seat Cover
General Instructions
Yarn Information


Take the Fear out of Cables is for any knitter that wants to learn how to knit cables.  The book is well written and will teach you that cable patterns are not as difficult as they might look.  The pictures below are from Ravelry website.


Car Seat Cover

Take The Fear Out of Cables is available from Amazon

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