Sunday, 29 June 2014

Spinning Hand Dyed/Hand Blended Merino Roving

Now that I have finished hand spinning 25g of Finsheep fibre I think the next fibre that I am going to hand spin is this.....

25g Hand Dyed / Hand Blended Merino Roving variegated fibre that changes colour as you spin!  

I am actually going to use my pretty flower spindle while spinning this merino roving.....
I am looking forward to seeing how this variegated fibre changes colour as I spin it.....

25g of Hand Dyed / Hand Blended Merino Roving
The colours are beautiful, the roving has yellow, orange, green, blue and purple colours.....

Handspun merino fibre hand dyed hand blended

I finished spinning the 25g of Merino last night.....
I will transfer it to a spare bobbin until I decided what I want to do with this yarn.....
I am wondering how this yarn will ply and how it will knit up.....
The colours are so soft and dreamy.....

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Spinning Finsheep Fibre

I though I would do a post today about what I have been spinning.....

Dark Brown/Black Finsheep Roving

So this is the finsheep roving in a beautiful dark brown/black.....
I love spinning with this finsheep roving.....

And this is what I have hand spun so far.....

Hand Spun Dark Brown/Black Finsheep Roving

Hand Spun Dark Brown/Black Finsheep Roving

I am trying so hard to spin as thin as I can and trying to stay consistent.....

Dark Brown/Black Finsheep Roving Hand Spinning into Yarn
 As you can see I like to pre draft my roving first, before I start spinning.....

Dark Brown/Black Finsheep Roving
 This Finsheep roving is ever so soft.....

Close up of my hand spinning on a drop spindle
 My hand spinning on a drop spindle is not perfect.....

Close up of my hand spinning with a drop spindle

Well that is my hand spinning that I have done so far.....

And here I have handspun 25g Finsheep fibre.....

25g Finsheep Fibre
 My spindle is now full of wonderful finsheep handspun yarn.....

Spindle full of handspun Finsheep fibre 25g
I think I would like to ply this.....

 I have only been spinning since the middle of April this year.....
It has been love at first spin since discovering spinning,  I really did not know how addicting it can be.....  

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

I'm Spinning Around!

It is no secret that I am in love with Louise's Etsy shop SpinCityUK, I just love her work.  Do you remember me posting that I bought a Luxury Drop Spindle Kit from Louise's shop SpinCityUK on Etsy, well I could not keep away from her shop and I couldn't resist the beautiful drop spindles and just had to order one of Louise's beautiful drop spindles.....
 There are so many beautiful drop spindles in her shop to choose from.....

Drop spindle made from Resin with tiny florets of Queen Anne's Lace, Verbena and Sea Lavender. 
Handmade Resin Drop Spindle
This is one of my first pretty drop spindle

I asked Louise if she would make me up a custom box and choose the colours and fibres for me as I would find it too difficult to choose what colour and fibres I would like in my custom box and also I just LOVE surprises!.....
And this is what I got......

Custom Made Luxury Drop Spindle Kit

Fibre heaven!.....

Custom Hand Blended Luxury Batt

Custom Hand Blended Luxury Batt

Louise told me that the custom blended Luxury batt is a one off made just for me.....  I am looking forward to spinning this batt and the rovings, the colours are so me.....

Custom Luxury Kit contains:


* 1 gorgeous resin drop spindle with pressed flowers
* 100g custom blended luxury batt with extra sparkle, soya silk and other gorgeousness to match! 
* 50g of mixed colourful roving 
* cardboard presentation box

Colourful roving and Firestar

The Colours are beautiful......

Close up of the Firestar

 I am really looking forward to spinning firestar.....  I just know that I am going to love it......

 I also order another Luxury Drop Spindle Kit in green.

Luxury Drop Spindle Kit in Green

The Luxury Kit contains:


* 50g (1.8 oz) Luxury Hand Carded Batts - made from Alpaca, Merino, Hand dyed locks, Norfolk Horn and more!
* 25g (1 oz) White Merino plaited roving - Super soft and a joy to spin!
* 25g (1oz) Dark Black/Brown Finsheep plaited roving
* 25g (1oz) Hand Dyed/ Hand Blended roving - Beautiful variegated fibre that changes colour as you spin!
* 25g (1oz) Solid Colour Merino Roving

* Natural coloured presentation box 

Fibre and spindle out of the box

Luxury Hand Carded Batt in Green

Hand Carded Luxury Batt

The colours are beautiful

Dark Brown/Black Finsheep Roving
White Merino Roving
I love spinning merino.....

Hand Dyed/ Hand Blended Roving - Beautiful variegated fibre that changes colour as you spin

Solid Colour Roving in Green

The colours are all beautiful.....

Louise also sent me a little surprise.....

Surprise Package!

Pearly Pink Batt

Colours are beautiful and it is so soft and yummy

I am going to love spinning this......

Last picture.....

My drop spindle collection.....

My Drop Spindle Collection

 I am so pleased with my order and I am looking forward to spinning all this fibre into yarn!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Book Review McCall's Essential Guide to Sewing

Photo's from Amazon

Whether you're a total novice or practically a pro, this indispensable guide from McCall's is packed with instructions, tips and fascinating facts that every sewer needs. From mastering the most basic techniques to the ins and outs of using a sewing machine, from mending tears to altering, embellishing and finishing, this beautifully presented and richly illustrated book has the low-down. You'll also get advice on marketing designs online, learn the answers to 100 frequently asked questions and get a comprehensive glossary.

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Sixth&Spring (7 Jun 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1936096722
ISBN-13: 978-1936096725

About the Author
Brigitte Binder, Jutta Kühnle, and Karin Roser are independent fashion and home décor designers who create sewing projects for a wide variety of prominent manufacturers and publishers in the fabric and sewing industries. They live in Germany.
About McCall's:
The McCall Pattern Company designs, manufactures, and sells sewing patterns worldwide under the premier sewing brands of Butterick, Kwik Sew, McCall's, and Vogue Patterns, and publishes the consumer magazineVogue Patterns.


Sewing Machines
Sew Many Possibilities
Function of the Sewing Machine
Professional Finishing
Sewing Machine Accessories

Sewing Equipment
Essential Equipment
Types of Needles
Machine Needles
Types of Thread
Embroidery and Novelty Threads
Helpful Extras
Essential Notions
Helpful Stabilizers
Recommended Ironing Equipment
Pretty and Practical

Sewing Techniques
Sewing by Hand
Preparations for Handsewing
Assorted Hand Stitches
Essential Machine Stitches
Fundamental Machine Seams
Sewing with Speciality Fabrics
Finishing Seams
Hand Sewn Hems

Glued Hems
Machine Sewn Hems
Specialized Sewing Techniques
Decorative Sewing Techniques

Textiles 101
Textile Manufacturing Process
Fabric Treatments and Finishes
Fibres and Their Properties
Fibre Quality Marks
Fabrics and Fabric Selection
Fabric Care

All About Patterns
Body Measurements and Figure Types
What is a Pattern?
The Paper Pattern
Pattern Alterations
Styling Alterations

Preparing to Sew
Before Cutting
Pattern Preparation
Cutting Various Fabrics
Cutting Interfacing's and Linings
Getting Connected
Recovering from Errors

Creating a Garment
Shaping with Darts
Specialized Stitching Lines
Neckline Treatments
Faced Yokes
Sleeve Closures
Comfortable Waistbands
Sewing in Linings
Practical Pockets

Techniques for Home Décor
Hand Sewn Trims and Tapes
Pillow Talk
Curtains and Drapes
Making a Mitered Corners

Patches and Repairs
Mending with a Sewing Machine

Useful Knowledge
Marketing Your Handicrafts
FAQ's - 100 Common Questions
From A-Z


McCall's Essential Guide to Sewing is for both beginners and the more experienced sewers.  This is a great reference book.  It is jam packed with information from sewing machines, sewing equipment, sewing techniques, textiles, patterns, preparing to sew, creating a garment, techniques for home décor, patches and repairs and useful knowledge.  This book has a wealth of knowledge at your finger tips!

The book is well written with detailed instructions and information on every singles sewing topic you can think of.
This is the perfect go to reference book and will prove to be helpful partner in your sewing adventures!

McCall's Essential Guide to Sewing is available from Amazon

Book Review Serge It!

Photo's from Amazon

Techniques AND projects for one of the most popular tools in the sewer's arsenal: Serge It! not only shows stitchers how to use this handy and extremely popular machine, it also gives them marvellous things to make with it. 24 fresh, modern and creative projects range from a sweet ruffle purse to cute puppets to fun fruit-themed trivets, all illustrated with ample how-to photos showing each step. Along with an informative basics section, this guide provides plenty of creative ideas to revitalise your approach to serging.

Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Lark (7 Jun 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1454707801
ISBN-13: 978-1454707806

About the Author
Cynthia Shaffer is a quilter and creative sewer who earned a degree in textiles from California State University, Long Beach. She was the president and designer of a company that specialised in the design and manufacture of sportswear and her work has appeared in numerous mixed-media, quilting and paper craft books and magazines. Cynthia's books include Stash Happy: Appliqué and Stash Happy: Patchwork. Cynthia lives with her husband Scott, two sons, and beloved Boston terriers in Orange, CA. For more information, visit her online at or


Stash Fabric Gift Wrap With Tags
Circular Ruffle Scarf Set
Child's Bloomers
Laminated Cotton Tote
Kid's Fish Rug
House Shoes
Composition Book Cover
Peek A Boo Pillow
Upcycled Sweater Gloves
Fingerless Gloves
Fruity Trivets
Ruffles Purse
Ombre Hexagon Burp Cloth
Vinyl Lunch Bag
Tuxedo Tee
Wonky Log Cabin Clock
Wrap Tie Top
Playful Puppets
Groovy Ring Belt
Long and Sleek Skirt
Pleated And Crinkled Scarf
Under the Sea Jellyfish
Retro Chic Apron
Wired Flower Wreath

About the Author


Serge it! should be in everyone's sewing library.  This book is well written, the instructions are very clear and the photograph's in this book are beautiful and clear on how to make the 24 projects.  There are a few projects in this book that require you to have your sewing machine at hand as well as your serger, but most of the projects in this book are made from start to finish using just your serger.
The book starts of with the basics which they advise you to read before jumping in with the projects.  I think the basics section of the book is filled with information that can help you not get so intimidated when it comes to you and the serger!
Once you have read through the basics section in this book along with your owner's manual to your serger, you are ready to pick a project in this book and just begin.
This book is more for someone that already has a serger and is too scared to use it or for someone that is thinking of buying a serger. The projects are fun to do and there are some lovely projects in this book and I am sure your confidence will grow when it comes to using the serger by the time you have completed your first project.

Serge It! is available from Amazon

Friday, 20 June 2014

Rooster Yarns Almerino Aran in Spiced Plum

I was over the moon when I received this parcel from Rooster Yarns.....
Look at this yarn.....
It seems more purple on this photo, but the actual colour is a deep plum colour.
Rooster Yarns Almerino Aran in Spiced Plum

Eight balls of Almerino Aran.....

Rooster Almerino Aran 
50% Baby Alpaca And 50% Merino Wool For A Luxurious, Soft Yarn In 19 Beautiful Colours
length: 94m (103yds) per 50g ball
tension: 19sts x 23 rows (10cm/4" square)
needles: 4.5mm-5.5mm 

Rooster Almerino Aran is a gorgeous yarn made of 50%  baby alpaca and 50% merino wool which comes in a glorious range of 24 beautiful colours.....







Spiced Plum




Sugared Almond

Strawberry Cream

 As soon as I saw this yarn, I knew what I was going to knit.  There is enough yarn to complete Andi Satterlund's Miette Cardigan, I think Almerino Aran yarn would be the perfect yarn for this pattern.....

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