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Book Review Garment Construction

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What are the building blocks of a great wardrobe? For men the shirt and trousers. For women the blouse, skirt, dress and trousers. The Illustrated Guide to Sewing: Garment Construction will teach the home seamstress how to make them all, as well as learn how to design and sew garments that flatter their figure and reflect their personal style. From learning how to take proper measurements and make a muslin, to fitting and making common adjustments, the basic order of construction for each garment, such as fitting the bodice before attaching sleeves, is covered. Detailed chapters on elements; sleeves, collars, waistbands, hems and more provide valuable insight on how each piece is created and joined to the whole. A perfect book for those who want to make their own clothing for style, fit or just for fun.


'a great introduction for those looking to progress to advanced techniques or who want to boost their wardrobe with some well fitting staples.'
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Fox Chapel (7 July 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1565235096
ISBN-13: 978-1565235090

About the Author
Peg Couch is an amateur seamstress and book acquisition editor at Fox Chapel Publishing. Fox Chapel Publishing crafts information for a hands on world. With over 350 backlist titles, two magazines and over 35 new books each year, Fox Chapel specialises in educating and inspiring crafters working in a variety of mediums including sewing, woodworking and others.


Chapter One
Learning the Basics
Machine Sewing Techniques
Hand Sewing Techniques
Sewing Equipment
Preparing the Material

Chapter Two
Working with Patterns
Taking Measurements
Adjusting Patterns
Preparing to Sew

Chapter Three
Assembling Five Classic Garments
The Classic Dress
The Classic Shirt
The Classic Blouse
The Classic Skirt
The Classic Women's Pants
The Classic Men's Pants

Chapter Four
Details of Garment Construction
Sleeves and Cuffs
Hems and Facings



Garment Construction this book is perfect for a beginner sewer, the teaches you the construction of a garment.  The book explains the different types of machine stitches.  The hand sewing section is really detailed and easy to follow, with helpful illustrations.  The book is full of information such as preparing fabric to sew, how to alter sewing patterns, pinning patterns to fabric and matching plaids and checks.  This book shows you how to assemble five basic garments, followed by detailed information on seams, zippers, pockets.  This book is a must have in any sewing library, it makes a great reference book and I think this is one of best sewing books for a beginner to have.

Garment Construction is available from Amazon

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