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Book Review Handmade to Sell

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From setting up a booth at a craft fair to taking the perfect product photograph and launching an on-line shop, Handmade to Sell guides readers through the ins and outs of starting, running and maintaining a thriving craft business. Written by the founders of Hello Craft, the well-known non-profit trade organisation, this is the most complete, up-to-date and authoritative resource for crafters seeking to learn every aspect of selling, marketing and branding. Topics range from developing successful product lines to preparing taxes and forming LLCs. Also featured are expert tips and invaluable strategies and advice from some of the most successful craft business owners.

"If you're a crafter who's dreaming of quitting your day job, this book will provide you the necessary know-how. Hello Craft is a non-profit trade association dedicated to crafters and the handmade movement, and their insider knowledge makes them a natural (and adorable) guide to its nuances." --"BUST" Magazine
"Once you have a business plan in place, how do you DO a business?...This book demystifies the art of pricing, branding, and photographing your work; helps you understand tricky concepts like copyright and taxes; and prepares you to sell in face-to-face venues (like fairs) and on-line." --"Bead and Button" Magazine

Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Potter Craft (7 Aug 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 030758710X
ISBN-13: 978-0307587107

About the Author
Kelly Rand is the creator of, a co-founder of Hello Craft, a director of the Summit of Awesome and a Crafty Bastards organiser. Sara Dick is CEO of Hello Craft and director of the Crafty Bastards arts fair. Kimberly Dorn is the executive director of Hello Craft and a co-founder of Crafty Bastards and Handmade Mart. Christine Ernest is Hello Craft's communications director, combining her background in PR and advertising with her love for the handmade.



Chapter One
Making Things
The Handmade Movement
Fulfilling Work

Chapter Two
Starting Your Crafty Biz
Eyes Wide Open
Don't Quit Your Day Job - Yet
Business Formation
A Crafty Education
Owning Your Awesome

Chapter Three
Learning the Nuts and Bolts
Getting Paid
Pricing Your Work
Keeping Inventory
Paying Taxes
Copyright and Trademark
Arranging For Health Insurance and Other Benefits

Chapter Four
Creating Something Awesome
Having a Passion for Your Work
Meeting a Need
Telling a Story
Doing Market Research
Developing a Product Line
Branding Your Business

Chapter Five
Selling On -line
On-line Shops
Shopping Carts
Curated On-line Shops
A Wholesale Option 
Setting Up Your On -line Shop
Using Analytics to Gauge Your On-line Shop's Success

Chapter Six
Selling At Craft Fairs
Face to Face Selling
Dealing with the Weather
Planning for a Fair
Choosing the Right Show for You
Applying to Juried Fairs
Designing Your Space
Dealing with Problems
Organising Your Own Craft Fair

Chapter Seven
Talking Shop
The Upsides
Some Potential Downsides
Finding the Shop That's Right for You
Making a Profit
Owning Your Own Store

Chapter Eight
Getting free publicity
Buying Advertising
Doing Your Own Marketing
Using New Technology for Marketing

Chapter Nine
Expanding Your Business
Diversifying Your Income
Licensing Your Work
Selling Wholesale
Hiring Help
Crafts as Fine Art

Chapter Ten
Walking the Walk
Joining a Welcoming Community
Being Your Own Best Customer
Earning Green Cred
Helping Out
Dealing with "The F Word"
Keeping Your Sanity



Handmade to Sell is a book for people that are considering turning their hobby into a handmade business. All the resources and references are aimed for the USA market, but still a very useful book for anyone in the UK as it is a very comprehensive book.  This book is full of  good advice from people who have turned their hobby into a handmade business!  I think this book is ideal for anyone wanting to know how to turn a hobby into a handmade business.

Handmade To Sell is available from Amazon

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