Monday, 28 April 2014

Knitting Honeycomb Blanket

I have finally finished my Honeycomb blanket.

Pattern for Honeycomb Blanket
Slip Stitches = Purlwise
A = Light Green
B= Purple
C= Light Grey
D= Jade Green
E= Medium Grey
F= Dark Grey

HONEYCOMB PATTERN (multiple of 8 sts + 4)
CO: 132 sts
Rows 1: (Right Side)  with A Knit, Knit across.
Row 2:  Knit across.
Row 3: With B, K1, Slip 2, * K6, slip 2; repeat from * across to last st K1.
Row 4: P1, Slip 2, * P6, Slip 2; repeat from * across, to last st, P1.
Rows 5:  K1, Slip 2, * K6, Slip 2; repeat from * across to last st K1.
Row 6: P1, Slip 2, * P6, Slip 2; repeat from * across, to last st, P1.
Row 7: K1, Slip 2, * K6, Slip 2; repeat from * across to last st K1.
Row 8: P1, Slip 2, * P6, Slip 2; repeat from * across, to last st, P1.
Rows 9: With A Knit across
Row 10: Knit across.
Row 11: With C, K5, Slip 2, * K6, Slip 2; repeat from * across to last 5 sts, K5.
Row 12: P5, Slip 2, * P6, Slip 2, repeat from * across to last  5 sts, P5.
Row 13: K5, Slip 2, * K6, Slip 2; repeat from * across to last 5 sts, K5.
Row 14: P5, Slip 2, * P6, Slip 2, repeat from * across to last  5 sts, P5.
Row 15: K5, Slip 2, * K6, Slip 2; repeat from * across to last 5 sts, K5.
Row 16: P5, Slip 2, * P6, Slip 2, repeat from * across to last  5 sts, P5.
Rows 17: With A Knit across
Row 18: Knit across.
Row 19: With D, K1, Slip 2, * K6, slip 2; repeat from * across to last st K1.
Row 20: P1, Slip 2, * P6, Slip 2; repeat from * across, to last st, P1.
Row 21: K1, Slip 2, * K6, slip 2; repeat from * across to last st K1.
Row 22: P1, Slip 2, * P6, Slip 2; repeat from * across, to last st, P1.
Row 23: K1, Slip 2, * K6, slip 2; repeat from * across to last st K1.
Row 24: P1, Slip 2, * P6, Slip 2; repeat from * across, to last st, P1.
Rows 25: With A Knit across
Row 26: Knit across
Rows 27: With E K5, Slip 2, * K6, Slip 2; repeat from * across to last 5 sts, K5.
Row 28: P5, Slip 2, * P6, Slip 2, repeat from * across to last  5 sts, P5.
Row 29: K5, Slip 2, * K6, Slip 2; repeat from * across to last 5 sts, K5.
Row 30: P5, Slip 2, * P6, Slip 2, repeat from * across to last  5 sts, P5.
Row 31: K5, Slip 2, * K6, Slip 2; repeat from * across to last 5 sts, K5.
Row 32: P5, Slip 2, * P6, Slip 2, repeat from * across to last  5 sts, P5.
Rows 33: With A Knit across
Row 34: Knit across
Row 35: With F, K1, Slip 2, * K6, slip 2; repeat from * across to last st K1.
Row 36: P1, Slip 2, * P6, Slip 2; repeat from * across, to last st, P1.
Row 37: K1, Slip 2, * K6, slip 2; repeat from * across to last st K1.
Row 38: P1, Slip 2, * P6, Slip 2; repeat from * across, to last st, P1.
Row 39: K1, Slip 2, * K6, slip 2; repeat from * across to last st K1.
Row 40: P1, Slip 2, * P6, Slip 2; repeat from * across, to last st, P1.
Rows 41: With A Knit across
Row 42: Knit across

Repeat Rows 1-42 for Honeycomb Pattern until you have reached your desired length then crochet the border

SpinCityUK - Luxury Drop Spindle Kit

Luxury Drop Spindle Kit - Learn To Spin - Roving, Batt, Fibre, Drop Spindle and beginner instructions
Photo from SpinCityUK

I have been wanting to spin my own yarn for sometime now and I have finally bought myself a Luxury Drop Spindle Kit from Louise at SpinCityUK.  The delivery was really quick too, I ordered on Monday and I got my order the next day!

My Drop Spindle Kit had 150 grams of fibre, a lovely handmade wooden drop spindle with very clear illustrated instructions.

The colours are beautiful...

25g Hand Dyed/ Hand Blended roving - Beautiful variegated fibre that changes colour as you spin!

I love the mix of pinks and purples...

 50g Luxury Hand Carded Batts - made from Alpaca, Merino, Hand dyed locks, Norfolk Horn and more!

25g  White Merino plaited roving and 25g Dark Black/Brown Finsheep plaited roving  

25g Solid Colour Merino Roving

I just love that pink colour...

A little something extra Louise gave me to play with 'Tartan' Batt...

Handmade wooden drop spindle

 Just look at the beautiful colours...

I really am a happy bunny with this kit and I really cannot wait to start spinning my own yarn!

If you would like your own Luxury Drop Spindle Kit you can get yours from Louise at her Etsy shop SpinCityUK

Louise also has a blog SpinCityUK

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Book Review Threads Sew Smarter, Better & Faster

Photo's from Amazon

Threads Sew Smarter, Better, & Faster is a one-of-a-kind resource that's filled with more than 1,000 Threads-tested tips, shortcuts and ingenious

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Taunton (7 Mar 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 162113797X
ISBN-13: 978-1621137979

About the Author
Threads is at the heart of a loyal and engaged sewing community and is the premier magazine in the U.S. offering high-quality sewing content to more than 800,000 brand fans and more than 255,000 unique visitors to the Threads and Craftstylish sites.

Part 1 
Materials and More

Part 2 
Sewing Secrets
Techniques and Methods

Part 3 
Mastering the Mechanisms
Sewing Machines
Tools and Aids

Part 4 
Maximizing and Maintaining Your Workspace
Storage and Organisation
Clean up

Part 5 
Working With Patterns and Templates

Part 6 
Fitting and Hems

Part 7
Care and Repair

Part 8
Go Green!Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose
Recycling Clothing
Repurposing Fabric
Reusing Materials

Part 9
Fun With Flair
Lining and Embroidery
Buttons, Snaps and Zippers
Shoulder Pads and Straps

Part 10
Just for Quilters
Quilting Workshop
Quilting Materials and Tools
Quilting Techniques and Methods
Quilting Care Prevention and Repair

Illustrations Credits
Metric equivalent

You will find over 894 sewing tips, fitting fixes and handy techniques. 
Did you know you could use washable crayon, instead of messy chalk, to mark fabric? Or that there’s a better way to re-attach a button, mark a pattern, or make a quick alteration? 
These insider tidbits, and many more, are revealed in Threads Sew Smarter, Better, & Faster. Written by the editors, contributors, and even readers of the wildly-popular Threads magazine, this all-in-one resource is bursting at the seams with over 800 tips, tricks, techniques, shortcuts, and advice for sewing everything and anything your heart desires. (Bursting at the seams, indeed, but that’s okay because you’ll learn how to fix any seam!)
Organized in an easy-to-navigate format for both quick reference and leisurely reading, Threads Sew Smarter, Better, & Faster is the perfect reference for stitchers of all levels. From a basic lesson in how-to-thread-a-needle to sewing repairs, fitting techniques to advanced tricks from tailors and couture workshops, you’ll find the perfect method for matching a solution to nearly any problem.
In this book you will learn how to:
Hem pants evenly every time with this clever technique
Apply sewing shortcuts specifically designed for quilters
Stitch an intricate pattern or simply fine-tune your basic skills
And much, much more as well as dozens of photos to look-and-learn from!
You can master the mechanics of sewing, you can maximize and maintain your workspace, you can work with patterns and templates, and you can even go green as you reduce, repurpose, and recycle. Threads Sew Smarter, Better, & Faster will give you the insider’s edge you have always dreamed of.
Thread Sew Smarter, Better & Faster is a great reference book to have in any sewing library. This book is for both beginners and the advanced sewers. This book is jam packed with tips and lots of sewing techniques for both beginners and the advanced sewers. This book is a must in any sewing library.

Threads Sew Smarter, Better and Faster is available from Amazon

Yarn Review Rooster Yarns Almerino Baby Yarn

Have you ever heard of Rooster Yarns? 

Rooster Yarns sent me a ball of Rooster Almerino Baby to review on their Almerino Baby yarn. I have only just discovered Rooster Yarns, how did I not discover Rooster Yarns before?..... I am in LOVE!


It's deliciously soft luxurious yarn and the colours are, well, just look ...

Look at the colour range that Rooster Yarns has in Roster Almerino Baby  ...


501 Sea spray


502 Sea Shell


503 Sandcastle


504 Seaweed


505 Candy Floss


506 Bikini


507 Sea Urchin


508 Surf


509 Dolphin


510 Mermaid


511 Anemone


512 Horizon


513 Pebbles


514 Lighthouse


515 Jellyfish

Aren't the colours beautiful?...

Composition: 50% Baby Alpaca, 50% Merino Wool

Weight: Sport / 5 ply
Length: 125m (137yds) per 50g ball
Tension: 25sts x 34 rows
Needles: 3.25mm
Care: Hand wash

Rooster Yarns is bringing out a new pattern booklet supporting their Almerino Baby yarn and Baby Rooster yarn which will be out in May 2014.

Rooster Yarns is made in Peru, and it is the most beautiful yarn ever, Rooster Almerino Baby is a gorgeous blend of 50% Baby Alpaca and 50% Merino. It’s beautifully soft and available in a range of 15 wonderful colours and it didn't take me long to fall in love with Rooster Yarns. It’s the perfect yarn for a whole variety of knitting and crochet projects

If you haven't heard of or used Rooster yarn before, now is the perfect time. This yarn is the softest branded yarn I have ever used and I must say it has become one of my favourite yarns to use, did I say that I am in LOVE with this yarn.  Rooster Yarns has become increasingly popular and now rivals the leading brands to create a luxurious and soft finish. 
If you love to knit or crochet then I think you must try Rooster Yarns, it is one of the best yarns that you can buy, the colours are all soft and beautiful.
I loved the feel of the yarn through my fingers as I was knitting and crocheting...
This yarn is the softest, cosy branded yarn, I've ever used and has become one of my favourite yarns to use.  Rooster Almerino Baby is not widely available yet but there are two UK online shops that do stock the Rooster Almerino Baby, you can get it from I Knit Shop and Laughing Hens .

I knitted up some swatches using Almerino Baby and I crochet a couple of granny squares, I have yet to take photo's of them, but once I do I will do another blog post showing the results you get from Rooster Almerino Baby.

Here is a link to online shops in the UK that sell Almerino Baby

Book Review Sew Retro

Photo's from Amazon

Sewing never goes out of style, and today it is more popular than ever. Sew Retro offers twenty-five stylish, vintage-inspired sewing projects-from sturdy bags and essential skirts to unique pillows and flirty scarves-that are a pleasure to sew, thanks to easy instructions, helpful diagrams, and a pocket of full-size patterns. This fun, inspirational book also uncovers sewing’s colorful history, from the introduction of the sewing machine to the modern DIY movement, and features interviews with today’s hottest fabric and pattern designers, including Amy Butler and Betz White. Filled with beautiful project photography and quirky vintage illustrations, Sew Retro celebrates sewing yesterday and today.


A smart, pop culture history of women and sewing over the last 150 years, complete with 25 stylish, modern projects inspired by the past. --Cloth Magazine, Issue 8, Summer 2011

Hardcover: 160 pages
Publisher: Voyageur Press; Spi edition (1 July 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0760336873
ISBN-13: 978-0760336878

About the Author
I've been writing ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil. My first books were about trees, cats, and Mary Lou Retton. I'm lucky enough to be able to write for a living now (quite often about trees, sometimes about cats, but not very often about Mary Lou Retton). I write for lots of fitness magazines, like Health, Self, Women's Health, Runner's World, Natural Health, Fitness, and others. I also get to write all kinds of cool decorating, design, and DIY stories for places like, Better Homes & Gardens, Country Gardens, Do It Yourself, Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living,, Kitchen & Bath Ideas, Remodel, Quilts & More, Window & Wall Ideas, and others.
My mom taught me to sew when I was 16, and it's been fabric love ever since. I thoroughly enjoyed writing Sew Retro! Not only did I get to research all about the history of women and sewing, I also got to design projects and them see them beautifully photographed! I hope that you enjoy the book, and that it provides endless sewing inspiration. 
I live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my husband, Allen, my 19-month-old, Max, and a new baby on the way. When I'm not sewing or writing, I love to garden, teach Max baby yoga, do Pilates, and run. Find more about Sew Retro at, and more about me at


Chapter 1 
The Cult of True Womanhood 1800s
Victorian Pincushions
Elegant Shawl
Sweet Sewing Basket
Charming Needlcase

Chapter 2 
Frocks and Flappers 1910s and 1920s
Opera Bag
Flapper Apron
Smart Felt Hat

Chapter 3 
Inspired Thrift 1930s and 1940s
Patchwork Pot holders
Pinch a Penny Change Purse
Cafe Curtains
Tea Party Tablecloth
Ribbon Embellishment Napkins

Chapter 4 
Mid Century Modern 1950s
Hostess Apron
Mod Gathered Pillow
Pretty Little Purse
Birds of a Feather Table Runner

Chapter 5 
Revolution 1960s and 1970s
Not so Mini Mini Skirt
Cool Coasters
Easy Elastic Headband
Groovy Patchwork Throw

Chapter 6 
The New Domesticity 1980s to Today
Saturday Afternoon Skirt
Farmer's Market Bag
Catch All Caddy
Almost Effortless Scarf

About the Author

Photo from Sew Retro Book website

Sew Retro is the perfect book that has lovely sewing projects with a retro vintage style. This book is for anyone that loves to sew and that loves retro vintage styles.
The book is full of illustrations and the instructions are clearly written with lovely photo's.
The projects are retro inspired accessories, clothing and home décor.
Sew Retro has lots of information such as the history of sewing to fabrics used through the years.
This book is perfect for a beginner sewer or anyone that loves retro vintage styles and loves information on the history of sewing and fabrics

Sew Retro is available from Amazon

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Book Review The Needlecraft Stitch Directory

Photo's from Amazon

The Needlecraft Style Directory is a comprehensive and accessible guide to stitch craft, for crafters of all levels. The book reveals exactly what each type of needlecraft involves, the basic stitches needed and the common characteristics of each stitch, allowing the reader to select the best technique for their designs.

Divided into two main sections, the first part of the book explores an extensive variety of needlecraft styles, covering everything from candlewicking to crewel, sashiko quilting to smocking and needlepoint to needle felting. Galleries of finished pieces provide inspiration and ideas for creative new projects. Outlining the basic technique, tools, materials, and common applications, each entry also highlights the most common stitches used for each style, while cross referencing these stitches in section two.

Guaranteed to prove useful to all crafters, the second part of the book is organized as a stitch directory, complete with easy to follow diagrams that show readers how to work each individual stitch required for their chosen needlecraft style, as well as featuring overviews that present the stitches worked in various styles on finished pieces. An extensive glossary concludes the book, clarifying and demystifying a wide range of terms that can often prove confusing to even the most experienced of needlecrafters.

The Needlecraft Style Directory is the ultimate reference for embroiderers, sewers, quilters and needlecraft enthusiasts of all levels.

This book provides instruction for over 50 needle crafts ... a superb guide, perfect for anyone who wants to dabble and for those who want to try a few things before they settle on one or two on which to concentrate. The instructions are easy to follow, accompanied by clear photographs. I liked the supportive text giving fabrics to work on, related stitches and common applications. What a boon for students, needlecrafters and teachers alike. All in all, this is probably the best needlecraft stitch resource I have seen.(Yarns and Fabrics )

Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: Jacqui Small LLP (18 Oct 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1906417806
ISBN-13: 978-1906417802

About the Author

Sarah Whittle is an embroidery artist, illustrator and founder of the global hand embroidery network website The Hand Embroidery Network reaches over 3000 members daily and is supported by an Etsy team of the same name. In addition to the Hand Embroidery Network, Sarah is also author of the blog


Style Directory

Chapter 1 
Surface Embroidery

Chapter 2 
Counted Thread Work

Chapter 3 
Quilting, Patchwork and Appliqué

Chapter 4 
Other Techniques

Stitch Directory

Chapter 5 
Basic Stitches

Chapter 6 
Line Stitches

Chapter 7
Crossed Stitches

Chapter 8
Isolated Stitches

Chapter 9
Straight Stitches

Chapter 10
Buttonhole Stitches

Chapter 11
Chain Stitches

Chapter 12
Pulled and Drawn Stitches

Chapter 13
Canvas work Stitches

Working Techniques

The Needlecraft Stitch Directory  is in two parts, style directory and stitch directory .  The first half of the book style directory is all about information about their history and a guide to fabrics, threads, needles and other sewing tools.  The second half of the book stitch directory has over 50 different needlecraft styles and techniques that is full of information on how to achieve each technique, you name the needlecraft and it will be in here.
This book explains how to work each stitch with clear step by step instructions.  This book does not have many photo's of finished stitches, instead the stitches are illustrated in very clear diagrams. 
The Needlecraft Stitch Directory is perfect for anyone that is new to needlework to the advanced.  

The Needlecraft Stitch Directory is available from Amazon

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Book Review Me and More Sewing

Photo's from Amazon

Following on from the hugely successful Me and My Sewing Machine, this book will help you explore further the pleasures of sewing. Having learned all the basics, and made firm friends with your sewing machine, you will want to expand your skills to make the projects you produce come together more easily, and look better once finished. This requires a combination of machine and hand-sewing techniques, but none to be afraid of!
The detailed step-by-step photographs and clear instructions will show you how to achieve invisible or decorative finishes that are quicker and easier than you might imagine, and that add a couture touch to your projects. From invisible hems to lace seams, custom-matched buttons to embellished zippers, you’ll learn how to add the little details that make all the difference, especially when you have invested in a gorgeous fabric and lovely pattern. Overly complicated techniques that take hours to produce nothing remarkable are carefully avoided! There are also two chapters of decorative techniques that will stand you in great stead when it comes to perking up a plain project, or up cycling something simple into something stunning. 
Put some of the techniques into practice to create the six specially designed projects that combine practicality and good looks. There are accessories and home wares, and projects that include both machine and hand-sewing.
This is a great book for those who want to expand their sewing horizons, learn new skills, and make the most of their love of sewing.

Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Apple Press (6 Feb 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1845435036
ISBN-13: 978-1845435035

About the Author

KATE HAXELL learned to sew at an early age, making clothes for her long-suffering teddy bears. She went on to study art and design and then worked for Country Living magazine. She moved into book publishing and, as an experienced freelance editor and author, Kate has worked on, contributed to and written numerous craft books. Kate lives in London with her husband, two dogs, two cats and a canary.


My Sewing Machines
Before you Stitch
Seams to Sew
Hems to Turn Up
Fastenings to Do Up
Embellishments to Add
Piping, Pleating, Patchwork
Things to Make

Me and More Sewing is about building on previous sewing skills. This book is a follow on for Me and My Sewing Machine .  Me and More Sewing is full of sewing skills and techniques to take you beyond the basics.  This book includes information such as methods for your sewing machine, hand sewing techniques and allows you to explore and develop hand sewing skills. This book is for both beginners and the advanced sewer that wants to learn beyond the basic sewing techniques and is ready to move onto more advanced  sewing techniques.  I would recommend this book for beginners to the more experienced sewer to have this book in their sewing library.

Me and More Sewing is available from Amazon

Monday, 21 April 2014

Book Review Me and My Sewing Machine

Photo's from Amazon

Accessible, good-looking and jargon-free, this book contains everything you need to know to sew well using your sewing machine – and nothing more. There are no scary couture-type techniques that real sewers never use, no painstaking procedures that don’t actually make your sewing easier, or help it look better, and no complicated methods of doing anything. Instead you will find easy-to-understand, practical and decorative techniques that make sewing simple, even if you have never used a machine before.

There are lots of clever tips plus short cuts that can make things faster and easier to do, with clear advice on when you can use these speedy methods and when it really is better to do something the traditional way. Everything is illustrated with clear step-by-step photography and finished samples, with variation samples where appropriate. As well as techniques, there are some easy projects you can make on your sewing machine and although they are simple, they don’t skimp on style.

Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Apple Press (14 April 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 184543353X
ISBN-13: 978-1845433536

About the author
Kate Haxell learned sewing from her grandmother at a young age, creating eccentric outfits for her compliant dolls. After obtaining her art degree, she went to work for Country Living, then moved into book publishing and editing. Kate’s previous books include Decorative Knitting, The Seed Bead Book and First Knits. She lives in London.

My Sewing Machine
Getting Ready to Sew
Seams Simple
Hemmed In
Fastened Up
Around the Corner
On the Edge
Fancy That
Make Me, Make Me!

Me and my Sewing Machine is a great book for those who are new to sewing or people that want to get back into sewing. The book is full of information for a beginner and tells you how to get the most out of your sewing machine, It explains all basic and semi-advanced techniques you need to know in sewing This book is about an introduction to sewing, and not about dressmaking. The tutorials are well written with lots of photos shown in an easy to follow step by step guide.  This book has also some patterns which is an added bonus.
I would highly recommend this book to an advanced sewer and a beginner, both advanced sewers and a beginner will find this book a great reference book in their sewing library.

Me and My Sewing Machine  is available from Amazon

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Book Review Ultimate Beading Bible

Photo's from Amazon

This new title in the bestselling Ultimate series reveals all the techniques you need to begin beading - all the main crafts that use beads have been brought together in one book. The first chapter takes a brief look at the different ways of working with beads and covers the tools and basic techniques you will need to get started, as well as taking a detailed look at the ready-made beads available and how they are best used. The following chapter covers making beads in several different materials; although ready-made beads are easy to find, making your own can be very easy and is the ideal way to add a unique personal touch to your work. It also includes a section on using found materials as unusual beads. The chapter on bead jewellery covers basic jewellery making techniques and then moves on to threading ideas, and how to incorporate beads with different materials and techniques to make more unusual pieces. In the wire work chapter you will learn how to use wire and beads together for more than just jewellery - this section also covers ideas for decorative items and card making. Bead looming and weaving are traditional techniques for creating closely beaded work, which can be used for everything from vintage-look decorative straps to ethnic bracelets. Beads can also be worked in to knitting and crochet projects as you work; all the basic techniques for doing this are included in chapter 5, along with some unusual beaded stitches to try. The final chapter on beaded embroidery covers the different ways to combine beads and fabric or thread, from how to add a few random beads for a little sparkle to creating luxurious beaded fabrics or heavily beaded fringing.

Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Collins & Brown (1 May 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1909397180
ISBN-13: 978-1909397187

About the Author
Marie Clayton is a professional writer, who has worked on a variety of sewing and needlecraft books including Ultimate Sewing Bible (9781843404118) and Make Your Own Clothes (9781843403890). She currently lives in London.
Materials and Tools
Making Beads
Bead Jewellery
Wire work with Beads
Bead Looming, Weaving and Knotting
Beaded Knitting and Crochet
Beaded Embroidery
Suppliers and Useful Websites


Ultimate Beading Bible is a complete reference book perfect for both beginners and the more experienced.  This book covers lots of beading techniques, the section that I was interested in was beaded with knitting and crochet.  This book is well written with clear instructions.  Each beading technique has a project that is very easy to follow.  This book is full of information and a handy reference book to have if you ever want to use beads in your sewing, knitting or crochet projects.

Ultimate Beading Bible is available from Amazon

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Book Review Mollie Makes Crochet

Photo's from Amazon

Crochet is big fashion news, and is becoming more and more popular among young crafters. This gorgeous new book from the team at Mollie Makes is the ultimate guide, aimed at complete beginners, and also perfect for those who have completed their first projects and are looking to move on. Each stitch is explained clearly, with step-by-step illustrations. A selection of 15 contemporary projects from an international range of crochet experts will demonstrate the different ways in which the techniques can be used. Includes ideas for using crocheted pieces around the home, as accessories and to embellish existing items. Projects include blankets, cushions, toys and gifts.

Hardcover: 144 pages
Publisher: Collins & Brown (5 Sep 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1908449209
ISBN-13: 978-1908449207

About the Author
Mollie Makes is the UK's most successful lifestyle and craft magazine, bringing you the best of contemporary craft, with a look inside the homes of the world's most creative crafters, tutorials on inspiring makes, round ups of the most covetable stash and tours of the crafty capitals of the world. The Mollie Makes team have hand-picked projects from their favourite international designers for each book in the series, which perfectly complements the magazine's unique editorial style and first class design.

Working from Patterns
Contrast Trim Pocket Placemats
Bouquet of Flowers
Baby Blankets
Three Russian Dolls
Updated Dollies
Spike Stitch iPad Cosy
Wave Stitch Chair Runner
Sunburst Motif Cushion
Granny Square Blanket with Edging
Retro Style Pot holders
Lacy Stripes Bolster
Hexagon Motif Blanket
Monster Gadget Covers
Multi Coloured Chevron Throw

Hooks and Yarns
Basic Crochet Stitches
Joining a New Yarn
Working in the Round
Turning Round Motifs into Squares
Making Tubular Shapes
Shaping Crochet Pieces
Decorative Stitches
Textured Stitches
Lacy and Open Work Stitches
Crochet Edgings
Surface Crochet Embroidery
Finishing Off


I really like this book, this book is aimed for beginners with useful introduction to crochet.  The book is in two parts the first part of the book is all about crochet patterns that are easy for newbies to learn the basics.  The second half of the book is all about crochet basics and the techniques tips and tricks. The book is full of the lovely photos's and very clear illustrations and well written.
This is a wonderful reference book using British Crochet terms. This book is perfect for anyone new to crochet.

Mollie Makes Crochet is available from Amazon

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