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Book Review Me and More Sewing

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Following on from the hugely successful Me and My Sewing Machine, this book will help you explore further the pleasures of sewing. Having learned all the basics, and made firm friends with your sewing machine, you will want to expand your skills to make the projects you produce come together more easily, and look better once finished. This requires a combination of machine and hand-sewing techniques, but none to be afraid of!
The detailed step-by-step photographs and clear instructions will show you how to achieve invisible or decorative finishes that are quicker and easier than you might imagine, and that add a couture touch to your projects. From invisible hems to lace seams, custom-matched buttons to embellished zippers, you’ll learn how to add the little details that make all the difference, especially when you have invested in a gorgeous fabric and lovely pattern. Overly complicated techniques that take hours to produce nothing remarkable are carefully avoided! There are also two chapters of decorative techniques that will stand you in great stead when it comes to perking up a plain project, or up cycling something simple into something stunning. 
Put some of the techniques into practice to create the six specially designed projects that combine practicality and good looks. There are accessories and home wares, and projects that include both machine and hand-sewing.
This is a great book for those who want to expand their sewing horizons, learn new skills, and make the most of their love of sewing.

Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Apple Press (6 Feb 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1845435036
ISBN-13: 978-1845435035

About the Author

KATE HAXELL learned to sew at an early age, making clothes for her long-suffering teddy bears. She went on to study art and design and then worked for Country Living magazine. She moved into book publishing and, as an experienced freelance editor and author, Kate has worked on, contributed to and written numerous craft books. Kate lives in London with her husband, two dogs, two cats and a canary.


My Sewing Machines
Before you Stitch
Seams to Sew
Hems to Turn Up
Fastenings to Do Up
Embellishments to Add
Piping, Pleating, Patchwork
Things to Make

Me and More Sewing is about building on previous sewing skills. This book is a follow on for Me and My Sewing Machine .  Me and More Sewing is full of sewing skills and techniques to take you beyond the basics.  This book includes information such as methods for your sewing machine, hand sewing techniques and allows you to explore and develop hand sewing skills. This book is for both beginners and the advanced sewer that wants to learn beyond the basic sewing techniques and is ready to move onto more advanced  sewing techniques.  I would recommend this book for beginners to the more experienced sewer to have this book in their sewing library.

Me and More Sewing is available from Amazon

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