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Book Review The Perfect Fit

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Fitting is more than learning how to adjust patterns. It is achieving a feeling of self-confidence that comes from knowing that your clothes are comfortable and attractive. Well-fitted garments that are oversized look fashionably loose-fitting rather than baggy; garments that are close to the body allow you to move comfortably because they are not binding. Whatever the style, a good fit eliminates unattractive wrinkles and gaping that draw attentions to problems.

The Perfect Fit comes packed with clear, easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step colour photography that will help you master the art of fitting in no time. When you have successfully completed fitting adjustments on one pattern, you can take similar steps with other patterns and gradually develop expertise through experience. In the process you will educate your eye to see additional improvements worth making. Every time you work through a fitting technique featured in The Perfect Fit you will learn something of value.
Compiled by the editors of Creative Publishing international (CPi).
'Illustrations are clear and plentiful providing lots of expert assistance for all levels of dressmaking, including problem areas. A must-have reference book.'
(Sew Today )

Publisher: Apple Press (28 Oct 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1845430581
ISBN-13: 978-1845430580
How to Use This Book

Introduction to Fitting
The Importance of Fit
Standards of Fit
The Pattern as A Fitting Tool
Fitting Tools, Supplies and Equipment 

Understanding Your Figure
Analysing Your Figure
Analysing your Length Proportions
Analysing Your Shape
Shoulder Contours
Arm Contours
Waist Contours
Hip Contours
Thigh Contours
Bust Contours
Abdomen Contours
Seat Profile

Body Measurements
Taking Measurements
Choosing a Pattern Size
Special Fitting Patterns 

Pattern Adjustments
General Guidelines for Pattern adjustments
Basic Length Adjustments
Fitting with Darts
Fitting as You Sew
Fitting Shoulders
Fitting Necklines, Facings and Collars
Fitting the Bust
the Back
Fitting Sleeves
Fitting the Waist and the Abdomen
Adjusting waistband, Facing and Bodice
Waist and Hip Adjustments on Gored Skirts
Fitting Hips
Fitting Pants 

Fine Tuning
The Fine Points of Fit
Fine Tuning Pleats and Darts
Fitting with Shoulder Pads
Scooping Curved Seams
Flattering Optical Illusions


The Perfect Fit  is a great book. The book is well written, has lots of photo's of a proper fit and clear instructions and diagrams on how to alter your pattern to achieve the perfect fit.
Each section of the book is illustrated with photo's showing the fit problems and illustrating in steps how to adjust your pattern to solve the problem.
 You will learn all the techniques that you need to know on how to adjust and fit your sewing pattern.
 This book is perfect for anyone that is a beginner sewer to an experienced sewer.  This book is a must for anyone wanting to learn how to adjust patterns.  This book will be invaluable to anyone that needs to adjust any sewing pattern for dressmaking, it is handy to have this book as you begin a new sewing project, this book is full of information, tips and tricks for that perfect fit.  This book needs to be in your sewing library!

The Perfect Fit is available from Amazon

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