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Book Review The Needlecraft Stitch Directory

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The Needlecraft Style Directory is a comprehensive and accessible guide to stitch craft, for crafters of all levels. The book reveals exactly what each type of needlecraft involves, the basic stitches needed and the common characteristics of each stitch, allowing the reader to select the best technique for their designs.

Divided into two main sections, the first part of the book explores an extensive variety of needlecraft styles, covering everything from candlewicking to crewel, sashiko quilting to smocking and needlepoint to needle felting. Galleries of finished pieces provide inspiration and ideas for creative new projects. Outlining the basic technique, tools, materials, and common applications, each entry also highlights the most common stitches used for each style, while cross referencing these stitches in section two.

Guaranteed to prove useful to all crafters, the second part of the book is organized as a stitch directory, complete with easy to follow diagrams that show readers how to work each individual stitch required for their chosen needlecraft style, as well as featuring overviews that present the stitches worked in various styles on finished pieces. An extensive glossary concludes the book, clarifying and demystifying a wide range of terms that can often prove confusing to even the most experienced of needlecrafters.

The Needlecraft Style Directory is the ultimate reference for embroiderers, sewers, quilters and needlecraft enthusiasts of all levels.

This book provides instruction for over 50 needle crafts ... a superb guide, perfect for anyone who wants to dabble and for those who want to try a few things before they settle on one or two on which to concentrate. The instructions are easy to follow, accompanied by clear photographs. I liked the supportive text giving fabrics to work on, related stitches and common applications. What a boon for students, needlecrafters and teachers alike. All in all, this is probably the best needlecraft stitch resource I have seen.(Yarns and Fabrics )

Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: Jacqui Small LLP (18 Oct 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1906417806
ISBN-13: 978-1906417802

About the Author

Sarah Whittle is an embroidery artist, illustrator and founder of the global hand embroidery network website The Hand Embroidery Network reaches over 3000 members daily and is supported by an Etsy team of the same name. In addition to the Hand Embroidery Network, Sarah is also author of the blog


Style Directory

Chapter 1 
Surface Embroidery

Chapter 2 
Counted Thread Work

Chapter 3 
Quilting, Patchwork and Appliqué

Chapter 4 
Other Techniques

Stitch Directory

Chapter 5 
Basic Stitches

Chapter 6 
Line Stitches

Chapter 7
Crossed Stitches

Chapter 8
Isolated Stitches

Chapter 9
Straight Stitches

Chapter 10
Buttonhole Stitches

Chapter 11
Chain Stitches

Chapter 12
Pulled and Drawn Stitches

Chapter 13
Canvas work Stitches

Working Techniques

The Needlecraft Stitch Directory  is in two parts, style directory and stitch directory .  The first half of the book style directory is all about information about their history and a guide to fabrics, threads, needles and other sewing tools.  The second half of the book stitch directory has over 50 different needlecraft styles and techniques that is full of information on how to achieve each technique, you name the needlecraft and it will be in here.
This book explains how to work each stitch with clear step by step instructions.  This book does not have many photo's of finished stitches, instead the stitches are illustrated in very clear diagrams. 
The Needlecraft Stitch Directory is perfect for anyone that is new to needlework to the advanced.  

The Needlecraft Stitch Directory is available from Amazon

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