Sunday, 20 July 2014

Tour De Fleece Update Week Two

It is week two of Tour De Fleece.....
I have been updating  in Spin City UK Ravelry Group

A little update from day seven.....
I finished spinning the white Merino and transferred it from my drop spindle to a handmade bobbin!

White Merino on a handmade bobbin
I handspun some fibre before the Tour De Fleece and transferred them onto a handmade bobbin.....
And a handmade Lazy Kate.....

From left to right: White Merino, Dark Brown/Black Finsheep and Hand Dyed Variegated Merino 
I am planning on spinning this next.....

Day Eight of Tour De Fleece

This is what I am planning on spinning on day eight.....

Day Eight and Nine of Tour De Fleece

Day Ten, Eleven and Day Twelve of Tour De Fleece

Day Thirteen of Tour De Fleece

Day Fourteen of Tour De Fleece

I did not take a photo of my full spindle after spinning the fibre batt.  I am going to transfer the single spun yarn onto a bobbin and I think I am going to 2 ply this.
I did not get much spinning done this week as I would like to have done, but at least I am spinning everyday.


  1. I just came across your blog through Kollabora and I'm SO glad I did, as I'm starting to get into spinning myself. Your work is beautiful, it's great to be able to follow a spinner and see what sort of resources they find useful. I have a wheel but I'm definitely going to start on a drop spindle to get the feel of things for a while. Anyways, beautiful work - thank you for inspiring me!

    1. Hi Kate!

      Thank you for commenting on my blog.
      Your comment made me so happy and put a smile on my face!
      What wheel do you have?
      Drop spinning is so addictive and it always really nice to have a pretty drop spindle..... I don't think you can have too many drop spindles.
      I have found your blog and I will pop by to say Hi! ~ Your work is amazing and I really am looking forward to reading your blog!
      Louise xxx


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