Friday, 4 July 2014

I'm Ready for Tour De Fleece 2014!

I only recently found out about the Tour De Fleece, so this year is my first year that I am joining the Tour De Fleece on Ravelry.  For those of you that do not know about Tour De Fleece, it is simple it is to challenge yourself, spin and have fun!  Here is a link to the guidelines on Ravelry.

Tour De Fleece starts on Saturday 5th July to Sunday 27th July 2014.
 Rest days are on Tuesday 15th July and Monday 21st July .
Challenge day is on Saturday 19th July, spin something challenging on challenge day.
Wear yellow on Sunday 27th July to announce victory.
Join a group on Ravelry if you wish.

I joined the Rookies group for anyone doing the Tour De Fleece for the first time.   I do not have a spinning wheel, so I will be using my drop spindle I bought from Louise's shop on Etsy SpinCityUK.
The fibre that I will be using will be a variety of fibre that was part of the Luxury Drop Spindle Kit  there is 150g of fibre in this kit and I also have a custom luxury drop Spindle Kit that has another 150g of fibre. My challenge on challenge day is to spin as much as I can on that day.

A quick look at  my fibres that I want to spin during Tour De Fleece

White Merino Roving 50g
Green Merino 25g

Hand Carded Batt 50g
Hand Carded Batts 100g
Merino Roving 50g and Fire Star 20g
Merino Roving and Fire Star

Custom Hand Carded Batt 100g

I will do an update post on how I am getting on.

Are you taking part in the Tour De Fleece?
What are you spinning?
What is your challenge?

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