Saturday, 12 July 2014

Tour De Fleece Update Week One

Tour De Fleece started on Saturday 5th July 2014 and I decided to start with this beautiful white Merino Roving that I got from SpinCityUK

Day one 25g White Merino Roving 

I am trying to spin this white merino as thin and consistent as I can on my drop spindle.....

Day one of Tour De Fleece

This is what I spun on day one of Tour De Fleece.....
I didn't spin that much, I managed to spin for 1 hour on day one.

Day Two hand spun white merino on my wooden drop spindle
 Still plenty of the white merino roving left to spin!

Day Two of Tour De Fleece

This is what I had planned to spin for day two.....

Day Two This is what I am planning to hand spin for day two

I know there is not alot of merino roving there to spin, I only had an hour to spin on day two.....

 And this is what I have spun so far.....

Two day's worth of spinning for me.
Still a bit of the white merino left to spin.

Day Three of Tour De Fleece

This is what I am planning on spinning on day three.

Day three this is what I am spinning White Merino Roving

 I am still spinning the white Merino roving.....
This is what I have hand spun today.....

Day Four of Tour De Fleece

Not much difference from day 3

I did not do much spinning today.....
I only did 10 mins of spinning......

 Day Five of Tour De Fleece

Still spinning white merino roving.....
Not getting as much time to spin as I wanted to spin.....
Again I only managed 10 mins of spinning today

Day Six of Tour De Fleece

Slowly my spindle is getting full of handspun yarn!
 I was hoping to more spinning done today, but this is what I did for day 6.

Day Seven of Tour De Fleece

Day seven and I still have a bit of white merino roving to spin!

Again I did not get much spinning done today.
I am spinning everyday but I am not spinning for as long as I would like to on the Tour De Fleece.  Hoping next week will be a better and I will be able to get alot more spinning done!

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