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Book Review Lovely Knitted Lace

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Lace knitting gets a fresh update that finally makes the craft accessible to all! From a Triangle Tulip Shawl and Floral Tunic to a Starry Nights Bolero, these stunning projects showcase rich textures and beautiful detail. Working with four basic shapes, Brooke Nico creates 16 gorgeous wearable plus two bonus variants. You can use needles and yarn of any size to knit these garments and each one features simple construction and elegant lines.

Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Lark (7 May 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 145470781X
ISBN-13: 978-1454707813

About the Author
Brooke Nico is the co-owner of Kirkwood Knittery, where she uses her eye for detail and fashion experience to keep her store ahead of trends in knitting. However, lace is where Brooke has really made her mark and her talent has been recognised by Vogue Knitting, Knitters and Debbie Bliss magazine. She has taught lace classes at VKLive, VKLive LA and several Stitches (XRX) events. Brooke lives in Kirkwood, MO.
Getting Started

Chapter 1 
Triangle Tulip Shawl
Flutter Shawl
Poppy Shawl
Floral Shawl

Chapter 2 
Japanese Leaf Scarf/Cables and Lace Stole
 Butterfly Stole
Posies Wrap
Starry Nights Bolero

Chapter 3 
Angel Shawl/Poinsettia Jacket
Travelling Vines Cape/Skirt
Orange Crush Beret
Camellia Dolman

Chapter 4 
Dahlia Shawl
Aster Shirt
Birch Jacket
Moondance Shrug

Motifs for Exploration
Knitting Abbreviations
Knitting Needle Size Chart
Yarn Weights
About the Author

Lovely Knitted Lace should be in any knitters library.  The book has a wonderful collection of lace stitch knitting designs for women.  The introduction of the book talks about the basics of lace knitting, it also tells you that you do not always have to use tiny needles when it comes to knitting lace, you can knit lace designs with any yarn weight.
The book has a collection of lace knitting patterns, you will find not only shawls and stoles lace knitting patterns but you will also find lace knitting patterns for jumpers, jackets, beret, cowl, scarf, shrug, capelets.

Lovely Knitted Lace book uses yarn weights ranging from worsted to lace.  You will find that the garments are based on geometric shapes, circles, rectangles, triangles and squares. Each of the shapes include four patterns.
What I really love about this book is that it also gives you options to customize the patterns.  There are inset boxes and the pattern notes let you know how to make a flat piece of knitting into a jacket, how to add length and how to turn a stole into a scarf.  This book also shows you additional  motifs that you can include in the patterns to create even more wonderful designs.  I really love this knitting book the lace patterns are beautiful and an inspiration for any knitter.

Below are some photo's from Ravelry website of the lace knitting patterns

Angel Shawl

Aster Shirt
Butterfly Stole 
 Camellia Dolman
Camellia Dolman
Birch Jacket
Dahlia Shawl

Floral Tunic

Flutter Shawl

Orange Crush Beret

Poinsettia Jacket

Poppy Shawl

Posies Wrap

Starry Nights Bolero

Travelling Vines Cape/Skirt

Triangle Tulip Shawl

Japanese Leaf Scarf

Lovely Knitted Lace is available from Amazon

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