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Book Review The Complete Book of Polymer Clay

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From pins and pendants to bracelets, buttons and embellishments, crafters of all ages are embracing the creativity that polymer clay inspires. This encyclopaedic book by renowned expert Lisa Pavelka includes the latest techniques, handy tips and trade secrets. Pavelka presents a sweeping overview of materials, how-to fundamentals and construction techniques. She also introduces six original projects with complete instructions showing readers how to make pendants, curio boxes, a necklace and a bracelet. Clear, concise and comprehensive, this is an essential addition to any crafters library, no matter his or her skill level. For even more inspiration, this indispensable reference features a gallery of 50 original projects by Pavelka and other talented polymer clay designers.

Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Taunton (7 April 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1600851282
ISBN-13: 978-1600851285

About the Author
An award-winning artist, Lisa Pavelka is recognized internationally as an authority on polymer clay. She has written three other books on the topic and regularly contributes columns and articles to Family Circle, Belle Armoire, and Polymer Café. She has appeared on The Carol Duvall Show, DIY’s Jewellery Making, and Beads, Baubles and Jewels on PBS. She teaches workshops, leads crafting cruises, conducts trade-show demonstrations, and holds seminars on crafting with polymer clay. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Award Winning Artist/Author Lisa Pavelka is frequently featured in print and on television. She is a regular columnist and contributing artist to numerous magazines including Family Circle, Polymer Café, Metal Clay Artist magazines and more. She has frequented programs on HGTV, PBS, DIY and Discovery Channel Networks. She has four books and two instructional DVDs to her credit. 
Lisa's artwork in the mediums of polymer clay, metal clay, and mixed-media jewellery design has won numerous awards. She has produced one of-a-kind works for The White House, Julia Roberts, Ben Stein, and many other notable collectors. Lisa is sought throughout the world as an instructor and speaker. Her signature line of crafting products and designer buttons are sold worldwide through JHB International. Lisa also serves as a design Ambassador for CRYSTALLIZED™- Swarovski Elements. See examples of Lisa's artwork, find out about her classes and more at: www.lisapavelka.com. You can find Lisa on Twitter and Facebook under "Lisa Pavelka."

Chapter 1 
Polymer Clay Essentials
A brief History of the Medium
Types of Polymer Clay
Liquid Clay
Safety First
Work Surfaces
Clay Conditioning and Handling
Clay Storage
Colour Basics
Colour Recipes

Chapter 2 
Tools and Accessories
Clay Forming
Cutting and Shaping Tools
Inclusions and Surface Treatments

Chapter 3 
Skinner Blending
Basic Skinner Blending
Multiple Colour Skinner Blending
Creating Surface Sheets
Gradient Loaves

Chapter 4 
Millefiori Caning
Striped Jelly Roll Canes
Leaf Canes
Flower Canes
Gradient Heart Canes
Smoosh Canes
Junk Canes

Chapter 5 
Image Transfers
Waterslide Transfers
Custom Inkjet Transfers
Preprinted Waterslide Transfers
Stamps as Transfers
Liquid Clay Transfers
Toner Based Transfers
Colouring Toner Transfers
Deli Paper Transfers

Chapter 6 
Mokume Gane
Stamped Mokume Gane
Bladed Mokume Gane
Indented Mokume Gane
Folded Mokume Gane
Rolled Mokume Gane

Chapter 7
Mica Shift Effects
Mica Shift Surface and Border Treatments
Mica Shift Checker Board Cane
Embossed Mica Shifting
Mosaic Mica Shifting
Wood Grain Mica Shifting

Chapter 8
Leaf and Foiling Effects
Metal Leafing
Polymer Clay Foil
Applying Foil
Foil Textures and Dimensions
Foil Pattern Resists
The Pavelka Peel

Chapter 9
Faux Effects
Faux Opal
Faux Turquoise
Faux Raku
Faux Ivory
Faux Cinnabar
Faux Rust

Chapter 10
Basic Sutton Slice Sheet
advanced Sutton Slice Concepts
Textile Effect
Faux Tapestry
Additional Embossed Clay Effects

Chapter 11
Assembly, Formation and Structure
Three Step Mosaics
Hollow Forms
Pillow Forms
Puff Forms
Nontwist Suspension Method for Hanging Puff Forms
Ribbon Roses
Layered Roses
Cutter Boxes
Stencil Frames

Chapter 12
Surface Treatments
Barber Pole Striping
Border Treatments
Stencil Gane
Silk Screening

Chapter 13
Finishing Touches and Final Thoughts
Scrap Clay
Additional Thoughts on Molding
Leafing Pens
Suspending Clay
Tube Attachments
Fold Over Balls
Connecting Pieces to Jump Rings
Fancy or Coil Wrapped Loops

Chapter 14
Projects to Make
Suspended Crystal Pendent
Magic Mirror
Swirly Whirly Faux art glass Bracelet
Faux Dichroic Shield Pendent
Image Transfer Inro Amulet
Sutton Slice About Face Case

Chapter 15
Gallery of Polymer Clay Art
Troubleshooting for Polymer Clay
Glossary of Polymer Clay Terms
Resources Guide
Gallery Contributors

The Complete Book of Polymer Clay has instructions for many techniques used in working with polymer clay. The instructions are well written and is easy to understand with lots of photo's.  This book will give you the foundation for successfully using this medium.  A great introduction to polymer clay and the many techniques that can be done with it.  It is jam packed with information and tells you about the history and the early usage, the types of clay that are available, colours, tools that you need for polymer clay and so much more!
This book is for both beginner and the more experienced in working with polymer clay and a must for any polymer clay library. 

The Complete Book of Polymer Clay is available from Amazon

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