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Book Review - Vogue Sewing

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Since its introduction in 1970, Vogue Sewing has been the favourite of sewing enthusiasts, covering everything you need to know to create fashionable, professional-quality clothing—from fabric selection and construction basics to advanced pattern alterations and couture techniques. Now, fully revised and updated, this latest edition stays true to the spirit of the original Vogue Sewing, while providing up-to-the-minute information and a wealth of colour charts, step-by-step illustrations and time-saving tips to make your sewing quick and easy. 
 In this book you will find:
Information on the newest sewing equipment, notions, fabrics, linings and supplies on the market.
A wealth of colour charts step by step  illustrations and time saving tips to make tour sewing quick and easy.
Instructions on taking your measurements and adjusting patterns to achieve the perfect fit for your body type.
No mater what your skill level or sewing needs, you are sure to find the answers and inspiration in this comprehensive manual .  A trusted classic for more than 35 years, Vogue Sewing promises to remain the premier guidebook for a whole new generation of sewers!

Chapter 1-The Fashion Game
In chapter 1 you will find the following sections:
 fashion sewing as an art form, colour, prints, texture, line, proportion and balance, your fashion analysis, figure and your body profile.

Chapter 2 -The Wonderful World of Fabrics
 In chapter 2 you will find the following sections:

 the wonderful world of fabrics, fibres, yarns, fabric structure, basic weaves, knits, other fabric constructions, finishes, colour and fabric pattern, fibre and fabric facts, inner construction, guide to under lining's and linings and guide to interfacing.

Chapter 3 -Your Pattern Profile
In chapter 3 you will find the following sections:

pattern design, the creation of a pattern, the vogue catalogue, choosing the pattern size for you, your body measurements, understanding pattern sizing and understanding ease.

Chapter 4 - Patterns and Equipment
In chapter 4 you will find the following sections:
pattern particulars, pattern pieces: blueprints, pattern cutting guide, choosing the correct fabric, fabrics requiring extra yardage, fabric width conversion chart, notions: your sewing accessories, needle and thread chart, special uses, the sewing machine, machine equipment, the overlock machine and tools for every sewing need.

Chapter 5 -Prepare to Sew
In chapter 5 you will find the following sections:

prepare to sew, preparing your fabric, achieving perfect fit, understanding ease, identify lengths, prepare to alter your pattern, flat pattern adjustments, dresses, skirts and bodice adjustments, pants adjustments, cut with care, special fabric layouts, mark with accuracy and more notes on underlining.

Chapter 6 - Construction Basics
In chapter 6 you will find the following sections:
your complete sewing handbook, hand stitches - getting started, basting, hand sewing, machine stitching, darts, tucks, pleats, godets, gathering and shirring, ruffles and mitering.

Chapter 7 - Construction Techniques
In chapter 7 you will find the following sections:

 interfacing applications, facing and other edge finishing, bindings, bands,castings, collars, flat collar, rolled collar, shawl collar, standing collar, fold over bias collar, tie collar, collar with stand, detachable collar,sleeves, gussets, sleeve finishes, placket openings for cuffs, special sleeve closings, cuffs, pockets, welt pockets, side front slanted pockets, in seam pockets, waistlines, waistbands, belts and carriers, closures, fabric and thread loops, buttons, zippers, fasteners, hems, hem finishes, special hems and pressing.

Chapter 8 - Advanced Pattern Alternations
In chapter 8 you will find the following sections:

 prepare to alter, personal fitting alterations - dresses, skirt and bodice, personal fitting alterations - pants and fitting as you sew.

Chapter 9 - Fabrics Requiring Special Handling
In chapter 9 you will find the following sections:

 fabrics with give, fabrics that flow and float, fabrics with luster, fabrics with surface style, leather and suede and the elegance of fur.

Chapter 10 - Impeccable Tailoring
In chapter 10 you will find the following sections:

creative tailoring, first stage - the skirt, tailoring challenge,jacket or coat, attaching interfacing to your garment and lining as a finale.

Chapter 11 - The Custom Touch
In chapter 11 you will find the following sections: 

couture techniques, the inside story, the shapekeepers, the finest fastenings, the finishing touches, creative trims, fringe, lace and embroidered trims, beading feather and fur, fashion stitching and fabric manipulation and embellishment.

"Vogue" Sewing - revised and updated is one of my favourite books and for me it is a must have book, it is my sewing bible!
It is a must have for any sewing library - beginner, intermediate and advanced.
Everything you could ever want to know about sewing is in this book .
"Vogue" Sewing - revised and updated is very comprehensive with clear concise directions, illustrations and photographs.

Vogue Sewing is available from Amazon

Disclosure: I buy sewing books from on-line shops with my own money, I am not being paid for writing this review. All my reviews are honest and on things that I genuinely love and would recommend to my readers.

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