Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My Sewing Challenge for 2014

Photo: Two more days until the 2014 Ready-to-Wear Fast begins! Have you made your New Year's Resolution yet?

Pictures from Goodbye Valentino blog

In 2014 my sewing goal is to buy NO ready-to-wear clothing with the exception of shoes and underwear. 
 If you follow Sarah's blog Goodbye Valentino then I'm sure you have seen her blog post inviting you to join her on the RTW Fast 2014 (Ready to Wear).
Nearly 200 hundred women accepted Sarah's 2014 RTW Fast invite. 
Sarah has put up a 2014 RTW Faster Page on her blog Goodbye Valentino

My reason for joining the 2014 RTW Fast are:
1. Save Money
2. Wanting clothes to fit me
3. Finding my own style
4. Improving and learning sewing skills
5. Creating my dream wardrobe

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