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Book Review How To Adapt, and Design Knitting Patterns

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In this companion volume to How to Use, Adapt and Design Sewing Patterns the author explains in easily accessible terms how to decode knitting patterns and how to modify that pattern so that it can be shaped to fit a wide range of individuals. With sections on making a pattern from an existing garment, how to write up a pattern, how to change necklines, body shapes and sleeves as well as adding texture and embellishment to garments, the knitter is taught how to develop their own patterns, modernise and generally increase their knowledge of knitting styles. Filled with step-by-step sequences, a list of useful websites and suppliers, and a gallery which will introduce the reader to some of the leading knitwear designers, this is a practical book with diagrams and photographs. Even the relatively new knitter will be able to follow the instructions and develop her skill in knitting. A great companion to our Knitty Gritty and Stichopedia books.

About This Book

Part One
Using Knitting Patterns
All About Knitting Patterns
Sources of Patterns
Anatomy of Knitting Patterns
Common Abbreviations
The importance of Tension
 Making and Measuring a Tension Swatch
How Needle Size and Yarn Effect Tension
Your Measurements
Collecting Measurements

Part Two
Designing Patterns From Scratch
Making a Patterns From an Existing Pattern
Measuring an Existing Garment
Converting The Measurements
Making a Paper Pattern
Calculating Shaping
Making and Fitting a Toile
How to Alter a Toile
Altering the Patterns
Rewriting the Instructions
Constructing the Garment
Blocking and Seaming

Part Three
How To Adapt The Pattern
Changing Necklines
Design Options: Necklines
Neckline: Adapting the Toile
Necklines: Adapting the Paper Pattern
Necklines: Adapting the Written Pattern
Design Details: Necklines
Shaping Shoulders
Changing Sleeves
Design Option: Sleeves
Sleeves: Adapting the Toile
Sleeves: Adapting the Paper Pattern
Sleeves: Adapting the Written Pattern
Design Details: Sleeves
Changing Body Shapes
Design Options: Body Shapes
Body Shape: Adapting the Toile
Body Shape: Adapting the Written Pattern
Design Details: Body Shapes
Using Stitches
New Stitch Tension Swatches
All over Texture
Shaping with Stitches

Part Four
Trims and Fastenings
Pom-poms, Tassels and Fringes
Adding Beads and Sequins to Knitting

Part Five
Basic Knitting Know How
Choosing Yarn
Materials and Equipment
Essential Techniques

How to Adapt and Design Knitting Patterns is available from Amazon

Disclosure: I buy sewing books from on-line shops with my own money, I am not being paid for writing this review. All my reviews are honest and on things that I genuinely love and would recommend to my readers. 

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